About By Your Name Here
The Beginning

By Your Name Here was made for you to let your creativity roam as you create stories that others can enjoy while also getting other authors opinions and experience which will help you become a better writer. We believe that as people are writing to an audience, they will try to better their work as more and more people read and find interest in their stories. On BYNH, users can post anything from Historical Fiction to Sci-Fi.

Our Story

Our website comes from humble beginnings. By You Name Here (Formerly Stories By Your Name Here) was first launched from a Weebly hosted website on December 6th 2016 where it gained plenty of attention. This attention motivated us to make our website as good as possible and after plenty of hard work we have revived By Your Name Here.

The Team

JD – The founder of BYNH and maintainer of the site

Cole – Our social media manager and an admin

Case – Another one of our admins