B4C Bob the Big Blue BattleShip Cat

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Bob is a cat, a big, blue, battleship cat


Prologue: B4C Bob the Big Blue BattleShip Cat


Bob is a cat, a big, blue, battle-ship cat, but still, a cat. Now, you may be thinking don't cats hate water? Well, dear reader, Bob is not just a big, blue, battle-ship cat he is also a space cat. (Designation B4C Space Cat to be exact)

Here is a retelling of one of Bob's space battles.

Ship Logs: Aboard the DOG-CRUISER:

Vice Admiral: Sir, we have a huge object coming into our sensor range.

Admiral: What is it?

Vice Admiral: It appears to be a C-Ca...

Admiral: What!!!

Vice Admiral: A C-Cat, sir.

Admiral: A CAT!!!

Vice Admiral: Yes, sir.

Admiral: Open fire on that cat!!!

Space fight sounds

Vice Admiral: Our weapons are having no effect, sir.

Admiral: ...

Vice Admiral: The Cat appears to be coughing.

Admiral: Full power to shields and brace for impact!!!

explosion sounds

[Transmition lost]

Within seconds of raising their shields, the B4C Space Cat used HAIRBALL which is highly effective against All Ships.

Sadly there were no survivors of this devastating attack.

If you know the location of this B4C Cat-Ship please report it to the proper authorities.

Now onto weather, the space lanes appear to clear for the next few days until Friday where we may be seeing some space debris from the Outer Rim coming in at...



Prologue: B4C Bob the Big Blue BattleShip Cat