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Technology Dependency

Ch. 295

Technology and its influence over the human race.

Did you know that almost all people in the world are involved in activities that involve staring at a computer or iphone screen? I believe that society is so dependent on technology that it has become imperative for everyday uses . If the grid fails society will fall for 3 main reasons, those reasons are loss of electric transportation, loss of freshwater, and impaired communication.

If the grid fails transportation by electric trains, gas powered motorcycles, and cars will be obsolete. Electric trains need electricity to power electromagnets to travel with speed over permanent magnets. Even gas powered motorcycles and cars can be at risk because most contain a battery that doesn’t run on gas but rather by electricity. So even if you have gas you won’t have electricity in the battery to be able to start the car or motorcycle.

Another result of grid failure is the lack of fresh water. This might seem surprising but water can’t be pumped without electricity. You can’t go to the grocery store either because there will be many looters or the grocery store would already be looted. Many people rely on faucet water instead of bottled water so many people would not have any water which you can only last 3 days without.

The last important change when the power goes out is the lost of communication. If you don’t use a wired phone then you maybe at luck, but even if you have an iphone you may not be able to contact your friends, loved ones, or family. Iphones need power to charge, computers need power to keep running, and the mail man needs electricity to power his car battery. In other words, if you want to communicate you will have to find a different way than the three options above or you’ll have to meet in person.

In conclusion, if the power goes out society will fall because of its dependency on electronically powered objects. Some items that will cause this fall is the loss of transportation, freshwater, and communication. Although these are only three examples, there are many more that I haven’t included so, be prepared.