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The Freedom of Speech

Ch. 323

The First Amendment (Freedom of Speech)

 The First Amendment is treasured by many Americans, but it has been often amended to protect national security or the privacy of others. Even though the First amendment has been amended often, Americans still have the fundamental right to speak freely against the government or in support of the government. Although the First Amendment protects free speech and written speech, there are also some types of speech that is not permitted such as treason, which is when people give away classified information to an enemy; Slander, when you pronounce false accusations about people in public; Obscenity, are illegal pictures and words. Even though the First Amendment establishes the right of free speech, many people still have questions such as if burning the United States Flag is protected by the First Amendment and other questions the First Amendment is not absolutely clear about. To make certain types of free speech clearer the Supreme Court may step in.