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A Strange Day in July

Ch. 481

A story about Abby and Peter and a "rock"

Peter awoke up to a smell of delicious creamy pancakes. He shook his sister Abby who darted up like she was never asleep. They raced down the carpet covered stairs and sat down. It was July 24th, 1992. It was Peter’s birthday and 10:00 in the morning. He stared at the presents his mother gave him including a few dollars. His mom gave Peter a pancake and Peter swallowed it like he was a starved lion.

After stuffing himself full, Peter and his sister Abby walked to the beach on a paved pathway next to their house and ended up at a bay. There were many smooth stones on the sandy plain of the weathered beach. Peter grabbed a few smooth grey weathered rocks including a dry brown lighter rock that should have been heavier and walked to the calm shore of the bay. He then skipped two rocks three times across the rippled surface of the ocean watching the grey rocks sink to the bottom of the clear blue water. On the third rock it skipped two times across the sun reflective water and did not sink but bobbed with the sun reflecting waves back to him. He picked up the wet soaked “rock” that came back to him and threw it in the water and just like the last time it came back wet and soaked. Peter with his sister Abby picked up the rock and examined it in the blazing sun and calm breeze of the beach. Abby was the first to answer, Abby said it was a piece of wood because of the burnt sienna color and light weight, but Peter thought it was an enchanted rock and brought it home to check with his dad.

When Peter arrived home with Abby, he asked his dad if  the “rock” was magical or not. Peter’s dad lowered his newspaper and took out his antique, polished, oak wood pipe and started to examine the “rock”. Peter’s dad put back his smoke pipe back into his mouth and mumbled that it was wood while blowing smoke into Peter’s face. Abby heard that it was wood while listening from the other room and started to tease Peter. Even though two of his family members said it was wood Peter still thought it was enchanted and every day threw it in the ocean, until one day he realized his dad and Abby were right.