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Ch. 312

A STORY ABOUT AMNESIA ( I actually think this has nothing to do with amnesia. I wrote it in 4th grade.

I woke up bumping my head on the white ceiling and rubbing the welt that formed. I peered at my luminescent clock and realized it was mid-night so I decided to go back to bed, but realized my thirst. I climbed down the smooth rungs of my bunk bed, it was pitch dark. I waddled through the darkness with my T. rex pajamas to the sink, poured some water into my cup and started to stroll back to my bed. I barely walked ten feet when I tripped on my 8-year-old brother’s red and blue lego dinosaur and fell, blacking out on impact of the cool and polished oak floor.

I woke up in a hospital that looked very old, had the classic hospital scent and was white with a dark brown door. As I stood up, I noticed I was wearing a black coat, black pants, dark polished shoes, and a white bow-tie. I suddenly realized I was in the 1900’s and I was in “Grace Hospital” the hospital Harry Houdini died in. I looked over to my side and saw a newspaper article on a white table stating that the Great Houdini broke his ankle and was resting in his dressing room. I stared with wide eyes thinking, “ Oh My Goodness!” I started to run out of the hospital figuring out it was deserted and ran to Harry’s dress room. I ran over paved roads surrounded by bright green trees thinking that Harry would get punched at any time now. Guards were just outside the dress room and I put my hands into my pockets and took out some coins to bribe the guard, and they fell for it. They let me in just as boxer J. Gordon Whitehead asked to punch Harry Houdini who was sitting on a recliner. I was petrified out of my mind for a second, but then started sprinting across the polished floor toward Harry with all my might that I could smell a stench, my sweat. Right as I reached Harry my calves were burning and the boxer started to wind up for a punch but I jumped in front of him, yelled an ear piercing scream, “NO!” and received the blow in slow motion seeing his arm punch almost 9 inches into my stomach. Searing pain was erupting in my stomach as I crashed into mirrors and pictures of Harry Houdini suddenly out of the trance. I felt the coppery taste of blood in my mouth. The last word I heard was, “Thank you.” Suddenly I blacked out.

I swung my head up feeling hot, sweating all over and then realized it was a dream. All I saw was a bright white light and people talking about amnesia then I figured that they were talking about me. After diagnosing me with amnesia, I sprinted to the local library, ran through all the aisles and finally found the book in a dusty bookshelf. I checked out an old book about Harry Houdini and then flipped to the death page. I then saw that Harry died of cancer at age 95 instead of a ruptured appendix at age 52 and that a ten year old boy saved his life, by my name!