633 1

A Vulture

Ch. 633

A story of a vulture

It is morning and I am warming up my Turkey Vulture wings for flight in this Chaparral environment and there is dew everywhere. I am going to start flight in the breeze of the wind because I smell the scent of dying prey just a mile away. I just lifted off and I am soaring through the sky. As I come closer to my prey the smell of the carcass becomes stronger. You might think this is disgusting and vile but to me it is like fresh prepare, juicy, and tender tri-tip steak. I am now soaring over the carcass and the Red Tailed Hawk is feasting on it. I scowled and kept on soaring in circles around the carcass until my enemy the Red Tailed Hawk flew away. It was a while until he flew away from the carcass and into the Valley Oaks surrounding the carcass. When he flew away I landed on the light brown, hot dirt and started to feast on the delicious savory dead Brush Rabbit. When I was done I saw a coyote stalking me and flew away right before the coyote came rushing through the vivid green and red Poison Oak. After flying a while I saw a few people and saw that one dropped a succulent watermelon which I flew down to eat since I am an omnivore and can eat anything I can fit in my mouth. While I was sucking the lurid watermelon I wasn’t aware of the coyote spying on me, so while I was relaxing the the coyote came at full speed and used all his energy to get to my body. The coyote jumped on me and I wrestled to get up so I clawed the coyote in the eye and he backed off but my wing was scraped so I tried to make noise to attract a Park Ranger’s attention. After fighting the vicious coyote for one minute that seemed like an hour a park ranger named Jimmy Bob pushed the coyote away and saved my life so I offered him some of the watermelon but pushed it away. Since I was losing blood quickly I fainted then awoke in the white room with a vet and a table of tools that was putting bandages on my wounds. When I tried to get up agony filled my body so I flopped down on the table and looked at my mauled and stitched up wing then heard a familiar noise. I looked in the direction of the noise with my droopy eyes and saw my mom telling me to stay still so I did. While I was getting better some people used me for a movie and then was made famous. Two months later I got better and flew back into the wild always remembering my mom.