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Journey To The Last Blockbuster P 1

Ch. 437

Matt rented a copy of "Batman and Robin" in 1997 from his local Blockbuster Video in Bend Oregon. 21 years later, Matt is getting ready move when he finds the overdue film...

Boxes. Boxes everywhere. In 2 weeks I'm moving to London England for a job at a publishing company. I

I move to the last room to clean out, the guest room. It's the messiet room but most of the stuff in there is just junk I've meaning to throw out for years. I open the desk drawer and the first thing on top is something I haven't seen in years. "No way." I mutter under my breath. A VHS copy of 1997 Batman and Robin with a sticker with the retur date of 15-11-97. The VHS is 21 years overdue. "Crap." I said.

To be continued....