The Moon Situation

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Carl likes to have fun by hurting people.


Chapter 1: The Moon Situation


One summer day it was like any horrible hot summer day. Carl was kicking a rock ball around

and hit somebody and it broke their knee. He screamed and yelped in pain till Carl pushed him

off the side of the cliff. Carl was a mean lad and loved to torture people. The ball gained a dent

in it for the first time. He then kicked it at another person and it broke their skull. It gained

another dent. Over time the ball got many dents I would say around 300 dents maybe. Then

someone came up to ask to play with him. He said,” my name is Cole and I would like to play

with you.” Carl then replied and said,” you can if you would like to get a new dent in my rock

ball I need one more dent.” “Sure.” Cole said, not knowing what was going to come. They

played until Carl kicked it and it broke Cole’s neck. Then Carl just shoved him off the cliff.

One day, Carl was kicking the ball and it went off the cliff into the ocean. Now you would

think Carl is smart but no. He thought the rock ball would float away to another island. The rock

just sank in the sand on the beach. Oh I must’ve forgot to tell you reader that he lives on

Roberto Beach on the island of Paulico. Getting back to the story he was walking on the beach,

because he is depressed but he finds the rock ball in the tide. It was shining like a star but with

dents. Carl picks it up then kicks it but it goes too far and flies into outer space and bursts

through the enlargement layer. Oh I also forgot to mention the enlargement layer. It is layer

that enlarges things so you can see them in the sky. Now back to the story. It gets enlarged and

you now can see it in the sky. It shines every night so everyone can see it. It will never get lost

and shared with everyone. The people of the world named it the moon.



Chapter 1: The Moon Situation