House of Hell

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By oofpolice bassetthound


Chapter 1: Part 1 Conner

“Connor, you’re gonna need a date to go,” Ed spat between bites of food. I knew that to go to the party I would need someone to go with, but it was our senior graduation party, so I’d like to go anyway. That’s kind of hard, though, for someone as uninteresting or as lame as I am.

“I know, I know, but is it really necessary? I mean, it’s our graduation party! It’s not fair to me or Isaac!” I responded to him, slamming my tray against the shaky table.

“What about me?” Isaac said as he sits down with his lunch box.

“You still don’t have a date, right?” I asked him.

He had a fleeting whiteness in his face before stating, “No, I actually don’t. Unless you have any ideas on who to ask, I’m kind of out of luck.

“Oh. Sadie is going with Nate, right?” I whispered, in my most smug voice.

“Well……yeah,” he replied, frowning. “Well, enough of this,” he quickly said, “Look, Charlie and Jackson are coming.

Charlie was a short red-headed boy who could always make us laugh, and Jackson was a relatively tall British kid who came to our school sophomore year. They approached our table after leaving the lunch line. They both sat down, looking extremely happy with themselves.

“What’s with the smirks?” I asked them, concerned. Seeing Charlie and Jackson this happy at the same time was never a good thing.

“Ok, ok,” Charlie started, “I was talking to Jack, right, and the two new girls, twins I think, and I’m pretty sure their names are...

“Winona and Lucy,” Jackson said under his breath whilst spinning his spoon in his yogurt.

“Yeah, that, and I nudged Jackson when we were walking towards them and they just started talking to us. After a few minutes, we were saying things, they were saying things...” He paused to take a breath. After taking a sip of water he started again. “So, we ended up finding out they didn’t have dates. So I, super casually, asked, ‘Would you guys want to go to that party thing?’ They both paused for a second, but...

“They said yes!” Will interrupted, grinning ear to ear.

After I grasped that information, I swore under my breath and congratulated them. I knew I wasn’t going to have a date, but it still hurt to know I was the only one going without one, besides Isaac of course. Then, while we all started heading back to class, I figured why not?. I’m going to go to that party. It couldn’t be to hard to sneak in, and I was going to have a fun time no matter what Ed, Jackson or anyone else says.



Chapter 1: Part 1 Conner