House of Hell

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By oofpolice bassetthound

Chapter 2: Part 2 Isaac

Part 2


I scrambled to get everything together. I mean, the party was in twenty minutes and I had nothing ready! Also, how the hell was I supposed to tell Connor that I had a date tonight?! That would have to wait. Plus, he wouldn’t even be there so what was the worry? I felt bad for Connor, so I guessed I’d have to tell him if I had a decent soul. I do not like being the bearer of bad news, though. It gives me anxiety. After I got my clothes on and my shoes on, I picked up my phone only to find a million texts from Connor. I looked at a few before shoving it into my pocket and running out the door. I pushed past the many boxes and grab my keys. The next few weeks were going to be all packing, I mean, you can’t pack light for college. I shoved the keys into the ignition and stepped on the gas. Once on the street, I felt a sense of relief. Open roads. Those were hard to come by in a city known for its horrible gridlock. The streets were usually packed right about that time, but it didn’t matter. All that was important was that we had fun tonight. I pulled into the driveway, and of course Sadie was already waiting, wearing a blue dress that was not fancy but was still nice. Though, if I planned on keeping this as “friends” thing then it was probably better I didn’t tell her what I had thought about her dress.

“You’re late,” she said in disgust, scowling at me as she got in the car.

“Does it really matter? We’re just using each other to get into the party anyway.” I replied. I looked to her for a response but she was glued to her phone. I pulled out the driveway, and continued down the empty street.

After five silent minutes of tense driving, we arrived. The flashing lights blinded us as the mansion appeared ahead. It’s a huge dark brown building, with perfectly designed banisters, and columns on the patio. The students were scattered all over the lawn and in the pool in the back. I parked the car in a patch of flattened dirt, locked it, and walked through the iron gates. A largely built man in a black shirt and hat looked at us and ushered us inside.  Sadie saw a friend of hers and ran off immediately. I turned and saw the three dining tables worth of food displayed on the lawn and headed towards it. Above the house's front porch, a big blue banner reads, “Welcome class of 22’! Party by Clara Stants” Clara Stants. Her dad was so rich, I’m pretty sure that the mansion we were at was their third home, and it wasn’t even their biggest! After giving the name a good glare, I turned and looked down the huge lawn. It was at least two acres of land. I glanced towards the gate, the guard still signaling people into the party. A couple, a pair of people who I didn’t know very well, walked past the usher with ease. Nothing about them entering sparked me as strange until I noticed Connor walking behind them, using them to sneak past the bouncer. Once inside, he handed them each a bill out of his wallet and began briskly walking out the large man’s sight. I continued watching for any unwanted visitors, but Ed pulled into the lot and walked through the gates.  I started walking over to say hello, when I saw the date he brought. It was one of the most despicable people in the school, Carry Henricson. I immediately turned around and walked back towards the party. I was pretty sure she hated me, she always was giving me nasty looks and such. I grabbed a cup of punch and took a sip. The thick rubbery taste made my tongue felt like plastic, so I spat it back into my cup, and set it on the table. I lifted up the table skirt to see many empty two liter bottles of cola, along with a few empty bottles of vodka and beer. Popular kids and their liquor. I walked towards the house, its black rustic feeling loomed over me. Thick brown ropes were wrapped around the doorframe and windows. To avoid the eeriness, I walked into the backyard, where screams had begun unfurling. I walked quickly to find the source, but once I had reached the back, I got hit with a splash of water. I opened my eyes to see find some idiots pushing girls into the pool. I scolded the one who splashed me, but he was clearly out of it. I shook the water off me and went back to the front of the house, where the chatter seemed to be chiming down. Upon my arrival I realized that there’s only a few people lining the yard. Almost everyone were…gone? I could tell that the smarter people noticed as well. The only people I saw were Connor, leaning in the shadows against the other end of the house, Ed who was sitting by the entrance to the mansion while holding Carry’s hand, and two or three other couples by the punch table.

I turned my head to the backyard when I heard someone. At least, one other person was here. Suddenly, the only light was from the strobes. The moonlight was no longer visible. Those who weren’t inebriated all gasped while the drunken ones screamed in delight. I looked up at the gravely darker moonlight over head as a flock of couples ran towards the parking area, some screaming in terror. I stared up into the night, mouth was stuck shut with fear to see the outline of a giant dome, falling towards the lame party.


Chapter 2: Part 2 Isaac