House of Hell

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By oofpolice bassetthound

Chapter 3: Part 3 Ed

I grabbed Carry’s hand as she screamed in distress. I had no clue what was happening. Everyone was running through the gate to escape, as the dome came hurtling down. I sealed my eyes shut, as a crippling shake of the ground signaled the dome’s arrival. I toppled over Carry as screams and ringing filled my ears.

After a few minutes, I had begun to sit up. My eyes filled with dust when I opened them. The faint silhouettes of people I saw were the ones stumbling on the ground near the dome and those who were running towards the front yard from the back during its descent. I saw Connor’s crush and her date trip into the front yard, drenched in dust. Coughing vigorously, I looked to the front tables. There were only about eleven people I could see that were still there. I shuffled in the direction of the figures and yelled out,

“Does anyone know what's going on?”

“Where’s the usher?,” said one of the Swedish twins.

“Come on, we have to get out of here,” the other one said, looking furious. I glanced around them, but there was no sign of Jackson or Charlie. I hadn’t seen either of them this entire time. The twins both stormed towards what appeared to be the open gate. The others gathered near me by the snack table.

They had walked into the area that now resembled the gates and disappeared, but once through, they were gone. No longer visible beyond the opening. The only sound was that of a sizzle, like from a grill.

“Wow, nice effect,” said one of the popular girls said to Clara. She walked to the gate. She slowly stuck her arm out of the gate, smirking. All of a sudden, everyone watched in horror as she tore her arm away, except there was no longer an arm attached. She fell backward, clutching the bleeding stump of her arm. There was blood pouring out all over the ground. Multiple people ran over to help, and they forced her shirt against the wound to attempt to stop the bleeding. It had begun creating a puddle under her. I had fallen back in horror, clutching the table. After I saw the bone of her forearm was hanging out, I began dry heaving. Suddenly the ground shook, and I had to peel my eyes open. Carry grabbed my arm and pointed the dome, which had begun creeping closer to the house. The ground became torn and pulled away. The ones aiding the girl, whose face became clear as Lucy, ran to us, leaving her on the ground. Crying and screaming, Lucy attempted to crawl towards everyone else, but we were all backing away. Our fear was immeasurable. In a slow movement, the dome swallowed her, piece by piece. Her screams died out after her torso was gone. Soon after, there was no trace. A strong silence followed as the dome came to a halt.

“What the hell is going on?” I said to break the silence. Everyone stared instinctively to Clara.

“What, you think I had something to do with this?” she snarked, backing away from the group.

“It’s your damn house!” Isaac yelled, pushing towards her. She stumbled back and ran to the other side of the snack counter. She wiped the tears from her eyes.

“I had nothing to do with this, please I swear!” she choked. I grabbed Isaac, who had a small rage in his eyes. Conner walked over from the house, which he had been clutching to during the entire endeavor.

“Why patronize her,” he stated, “She doesn’t know any better than us what's going on here”

“What are you even doing here?” Clara blurted, glaring at Conner. I turned and looked at Carry, who had a sadness written on her face.

“Is that the question you should be asking right now?” Conner retorted, “Shouldn’t we be, I don’t know, trying to figure out what to do?”

They continued to go back and forth for quite a bit, all the while I just looked to Carry. She had the same look that everyone else had: fear. At that rate, we would have been sitting there doing nothing for hours. I realized that nothing would get done and that everyone would just stay scared if nobody changed the situation. So, I started walking towards the house, ripping off the red rope and opening the door.

Hey!” Clara yelled from the punch table, “You’re not allowed in there!”

“If I’m going to die tonight, or sometime soon, I want to be doing something I enjoy, which preferably is anything that includes not listening to you two,” I said. “So if you’ll excuse me…” I said, grabbing Carry’s hand and leading her inside.

After a moment of reflection, everyone started coming to the realization of our situation. As I entered the house, I heard Clara screech at Connor. I bet he wishes he was dead, I thought.

I went straight to the pantry once I was in the house. It was huge, vaulted ceilings, pristine upholstery, and everything adorned with dark oak wood. My steps on the floorboards sounded an eerie creak throughout the house. Carry went and sat on the couch around the time where everyone began filtering in. Everyone seemed so disturbed. No one would make eye-contact, some, such as Clara, who was curled in the corner, crying. Yet, when I looked at Connor’s crush, Laura, she seemed oddly...diligent. She kept a calm demeanor and stayed next to her date, which I could now see was Ben Richards. Clara began giving me the stink eye, so I grabbed six bags of salt and vinegar chips and lay on the couch thinking of how scary, and how cool, this whole situation was.


Chapter 3: Part 3 Ed