House of Hell

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By oofpolice bassetthound

Chapter 4: Part 4 Laura


It didn’t make any sense. No one had any idea to why had Conner showed up. Whatever the reason, I wanted to know if it was because of me, or what he had said at graduation. It had been a few years since I’d known for sure that he had a thing for me, but that was back in middle school. When he told me about how he felt, I didn’t know what to say. I kept an eye on him as he slipped into the house. Once he noticed me, he made clear strides to avoid eye-contact and darted up the stairs. As I began to stand up, to ask him myself, I felt a cold, strong hand grab my arm. 

“Come on,” Ben said, eyeing the pool. The glint in his eye clearly revealed his true intentions.

“I’m a little hungry, I think I’m going to get something to eat,” I whispered, pulling out of his grip, “I’ll come out later, ok?” I stared up into his brown, beady eyes. 

“I’ll be waiting.” He stood up and headed for the backyard.

I walked into the kitchen to see the pantry open, and looted. Eduardo was lying on the couch, half-awake, with chips on his lap. I heard voices from upstairs and decide to follow them up the steps to listen in.  

“Ok you, your friends and Ben will sleep in my brother’s room. I think three bunk beds should be enough,” Clara said in a shaky voice to Conner. “Hopefully we won't have to sleep here for too long. Anyway, Laura, Carrie, Sadie and I will sleep in here.”  I could tell she chose the nicer room for us girls, but then again, it was her house. Conner turned to the steps and saw me. He turned to go back downstairs, but upon seeing me, blushed and quickly walked into their nightly room instead.  My question had seemed to answer itself.

“Oh, Laura, did you hear? We’ll stay in this room. I guess you could call it a ‘sleepover’,” Clara said, smiling at me, but I could tell in her eyes that she was trying to hide her fear. When she looked at the backyard dreamily, I was totally oblivious, until I turned and saw Ben taking his shirt off. When she moved to our school freshman year, she was notorious for having a crush on Ben. I wasn't one of Clara’s closest friends during school, so I told him whenever he asked me to hang out, including asking me to the party, I made sure he knew that we would go as friends. Though, I couldn't tell at the time whether Clara knew that or not. I glanced into our room to see what the conditions would be. There was one queen-sized bed and two makeshift beds on the floor. There were bright posters of boy bands strung on the walls, worn with age. The only light source was from a small lamp in the corner, which had a fluorescent pink light-bulb. 

When I decided I had seen enough, I went back into the hallway to check out the boys’ room. Inside, there were two sets of bunk beds against the back wall. There was a small closet with some bags in the corner. Along with that, there was a desk with papers strewn about. It had a simple lamp that was alit, barely illuminating the room. I saw Conner sitting on his bed, looking through his bag. His face filled with relief when he found and pulled out his phone charger and sweatshirt. He took off his suit jacket, tossing it to the ground, and put on his grey hoodie.  I quickly ducked behind the wall as he laid down on the bottom bunk of one of the beds. I stood up and swiftly went behind the door when he glanced back into his bag. I headed to the balcony and glanced downstairs. First, I saw the now conscious Ed, along with the girls gossiping right next to him. Ed kept eyeing Carrie but didn’t seem to want to interject. I suddenly heard a noise from the garage, so I turned to the door in the kitchen. I only saw Isaac Bailey come out of it. I honestly forgot he was there until then. I watched him walk towards Ed, he seemed happy to have found a familiar face. I walked into our room and took off my clothes over my swimsuit. I thought I might join Ben to have a swim. I had kept him waiting long enough.  


Chapter 4: Part 4 Laura