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A Small Change

Ch. 293

Zoo WEe Mama

If you could get the life you always desired, would you give up everything you have now?

That quote that you just read, is this entire story that I will explain. Oh and spoiler alert. Now I’m no genius but I know that the live we all desire has been dreamed of. Being rich, being popular, being smart. It’s something that each and everyone has a different prospect of. You may think you have the perfect life, but then in the back of your mind it thinks What can I do better? Well, that’s pretty much my entire High-School. I dreamed of being with this girl since Middle School and I knew that NEVER was going to happen, so I tried to make her seem like a terrible person. Didn’t work. Then during the end of high school, when what happens takes place, I just tried to imagine hanging out with her and her friends. A distant dream even though I was friends with 1 of them but still it was never going to happen. Even my friends told me that. A choice made all that change. Or did it?

Ah spring. The final days of the terrible, house of hell, we call school. But we still have 3 weeks left so I shouldn’t get my hopes up yet. “Chelsey! Hurry!” John screamed towards the lunch room doors. We had started towards are outdoor table and the others always forget that now its warm enough to sit outside. “John, its FINE,” I say to him with a grin, “They’ll come. They don’t like the mess of people in there either.” “Fine Carter. Whatever.” John and I had been friends since 5th grade and always like sitting outside. When we see our friends, Chelsey and Chloe, we smile. We all sit down and try to enjoy the sun. We were still waiting on Isaac but he’s always late. “What do you guys think it is today?” I ask them. They all smile. “Probably making out with Lindsey,” John replies. Chloe nods. “Actually,” Chelsey starts, “I think he’s got to stay and finish his work.” We all stare at her, then break down laughing. She event starting to laugh. We all know he is not that kind of person. When we all start back to our meals, we hear the door burst open. There was Isaac walking down the path to our table. We were the only ones sitting outside, so the lunch ladies eyed them to make sure they didn’t try anything. I was worried though. Isaac had just started dating Lindsey about a month ago. That means soon she will introduce her friends to us, which is bad for me because I like her friend. I would love to be in their friend group. Well dreams are dreams so that will never happen. Then as Isaac and Lindsey got closer I watch her turn around and wave. The doors start opening again. I about hide under the table when Lindsey’s friends burst through the door. With Claire at the front looking right at me.