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Meet Willow Lennoxan agender bookworm who likes having adventures with their 19 friends. I know, sounds pretty crazy. Less then two months ago they all graduated. Now they plan on going on many adventures together. How will it go?

Chapter 1: The Cruiseship

Willow was leaning over the ships rail trying not to puke. "I think I'm getting a bit sea sick." Mello laughed coming up behind Willow and fake pushing them gaining a slight glare from Adriun. "Don't do that what's wrong with you?" Mello laughed again replying "where do I even begin?" "I want chocolate bars!!!!" Candy loudly was complaining, Arctic mumbling they could use some icecream while Bluey teared up starting to go off on how she needs a popsicle. "Hey guys do you know if they have any games to play on this ship?" Baxton calmly asked. Grapeo gazed up at him from above the comic he was reading. "No, but I have some comics relating to videogame characters, wanna read?" Baxton slowly nod heading over to where Grapeo was to retrieve a comic from him. "Thanks man." "I miss all my bee friends I hope who I put in charge of watching them does a good job," Bumble state worriedly. "My lawn has such pretty flowers I should be watering right now," Limella exclaimed. Willow felt their friend Mimi place her hand on their shoulder and felt their friend Linden place his hand on their other shoulder. "Its still the first day Willow, don't worry, you'll feel better soon," Mimi comforted them supportively while Linden said "just maybe sit down ok?" Willow gave a nod and now took a seat beside where their friend Viviee was sitting. "Hey V, what do you think of this cruise ship adventure to some far away island I had sent us all on?" Viviee merely shrugged not commenting further. "Ok then, so your undecided must be." Now while Willow, Viviee, Adriun, Grapeo and Baxton were just chilling out Mimi and Linden were trying to convince Candy, Arctic and Bluey they don't need sweet stuff, Bumble and Limella continued worrying about their bees and flowers at home while Naomi, Emerson, Lordie, Icee and Mello were dancing on some dance floor. Oh yeah and Sanford, Hailey and Roylun were leaving the dance floor heading over shaking their heads. "What happened now?" Willow asked. "Their getting rowdy," Sanford just said crossing his arms angrily. "I'm not much of a dancer, Willow do you happen to have a history book on you that I can read?" Hailey asked, Willow nodding handing her one. "Be my guest. How about you Roylun, why don't you wanna dance?" Roylun sighed gazing at the ground. "Well since Naomi and Mello were dancing and Emerson was with Lordie I figured I'd ask Icee if they'd just dance with me." "And?" Willow comment very curious. "Icee made a weird eeeeeekkkkkkkk sound and ran away so I take it I'm not their type. But to be fair their not mine either I just had no other option," Roylun admit. "Ouch your honest I like it," Hailey let out to Roylun who smiled slightly.

-------------flashforward to island-------------------

Like most adventures, despite them all trying to stay together they ended up in groups of five:

-Willow, Viviee, Adriun, Sanford and Hailey mainly built beds from leaves and gathered up various sticks for a fire, talking on occasion

-Mimi, Linden, Naomi, Emerson and Lordie chat a lot playing in the ocean and helped build forts

Bluey, Limella, Grapeo, Bumble and Baxton took pics of animals they found on the island and still complained they miss being home

-Candy, Arctic, and Icee played in the sand together a lot, Roylun told Mello he's lonely and after teasing him she admit she kinda is too

Willow, Viviee, Adriun, Sanford, Hailey, Bluey, Limella, Grapeo, Bumble, Baxton and Roylun all somehow went to sleep early on the island while Mimi, Naomi, Emerson, Linden, Candy, Arctic, Lordie, Icee and Mello stayed up really late goofing around getting basically no sleep….


Chapter 1: The Cruiseship