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Meet Willow Lennoxan agender bookworm who likes having adventures with their 19 friends. I know, sounds pretty crazy. Less then two months ago they all graduated. Now they plan on going on many adventures together. How will it go?

Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home


Willow and their 19 friends got back from their cruise to some island. Not much has changed since that visit. But one thing has: Willow is dating Lordie who's also dating Emerson. 

Also Willow bought a haunted house mansion moving everyone in it. Here is the rest of the new couple pairings:

Viviee is now dating Grapeo. 

Mimi and Linden are now dating.

Adriun has begun dating Naomi 

who is also dating Mello.

Candy is dating Arctic and Icee.

Baxton is dating Limella and Bumble, who both like each other but pretend this isn't the case.

Bluey seems a tad less sad since she begun dating Sanford who's also happier.

Roylun is dating Hailey and is happy he finally landed himself a girlfriend.

Since moving into the haunted house the clan has heard plenty of bumps in the night and creaky floorboards and doors and swear they've seen apparitions too so the house is definitely haunted. They tried using ghost detector apps and professional ghost hunting equipment to confirm their suspicions of the place being haunted. They caught some ghostly sounds on the recorder and caught ghosts on the ghost detector map. Everyone agreed they'll still stay moved into the house for now. But their still planning on going on many different adventures so they won't be at the house all the time. "Do you think the house is truly haunted? Do you think we got enough proof with the ghost sounds on the recorder and ghosts showing up on the ghost map detector thing?" Willow asked their friends. Grapeo, Mimi, Linden, Candy, Arctic, Icee, Baxton, Limella, Bumble, Bluey, Sanford and Roylun all nod their heads saying yes they think the place is haunted while Lordie, Emerson, Viviee, Adriun, Naomi, Mello and Hailey all shook their heads no thinking they all need even more proof. "I'm sure we'll get our proof sooner or later at the rate of what we captured thus far," Willow point out. Now the lights suddenly flickered and a door from somewhere down the hall slammed shut. "Hey I think its our room door I forgot to shut it!!" Candy exclaimed now locking arms with both Arctic and Icee and skipping down the hall to investigate their room. "No spirits in this room!!" Candy called out. "This place can get pretty freaky sometimes. Like once I was reading one of my comics in bed and the pages suddenly kept flipping and I wasn't turning them no joke," Grapeo insist with a slightly creeped out expression. Viviee rolled her eyes. "That's not enough evidence. I wanna believe but pages flipping, really?" Adriun cleared his throat. "While Naomi and Mello were partying one night I went to my room to sleep early and felt like I heard footsteps and think an entity sleeps with us. Cause I heard footsteps and heard the mattress I was on creak." Mello smirked. "You mean the monster under our bed? Don't worry about him he's friendly he only takes dark souls. Wait, maybe you should worry goth boy," Mello added teasingly. Naomi smiled as Mello ruffled Adriun's hair. "Just messing with ya," Mello had added but Adriun replied "No your right, if any creatures of supernatural origin was after dark souls I'd be the first one they'd take…." He trailed off Naomi now kissing Adriun on the cheek before also kissing Mello. "Where are Candy, Arctic and Icee, still in their room?" Naomi wondered curiously. "Their probably up to no good in there, you know, doing bad couple stuff," Sanford exclaimed with a scowl. "That reminds me come follow me to our room Adriun and Mello I wanna do what Candy, Arctic and Icee are doing. The so called 'bad couple stuff' Sanford speaks of," Naomi let out now grabbing both Adriun and Mello's hand and guiding them down the hall. "I don't feel good lets go to bed early Bluey come on," Sanford decided suddenly picking Bluey up bridal style and carrying her to their room. "Ok so that's adorable Sanford seems like such a romantic," Mimi said fondly now being lifted up in Linden's arms. "Say no more my angelic princess I can be your romantic prince," Linden assured her. Mimi smiled and laughed, Linden now carrying her to their room. "Well I'm gonna go to my room, maybe lay down and read a comic, V your more then welcome to join me," Grapeo added as he started to leave. "What else is there to do," Viviee just state before following him. "Well there's ghost hunting, we can do that," Willow point out to their remaining friends that are here. "That stuff freaks me out no," Limella said Bumble nodding. "Well lets go to our room a guess girls, come on," Baxton request now holding Limella and Bumble's hands taking them to their room. Before bed Willow ghost hunted with Lordie, Emerson, Roylun and Hailey that night….


Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home