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Bens Story

Ch. 380

Despite his mothers warnings he would go and look for his father A Short Story
            It had been 17 years since his mother had left him at John’s Unlucky Orphanage. Ben rarely received post cards from his mother after the depression started. She still was in Cincinnati but was unable to come and get him. The next year, after he turned 18, despite his mother’s warnings, he would go and look for his father.
9 months later
            Ben had just turned 18 and had already bought a train ticket to New York. He gathered up the little possessions he had and left the orphanage.
           After arriving in New York he went to the town hall and asked about his father. The man working at the front desk said, “Son, your father has been dead for 4 years!” Dazed, Ben walked out and sat on the curb. A young child than sat down next to him. The two looked at each other. A look of longing. The two of them sat there for what seemed like an eternity.