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A test well kind of also my 6th grade short story I use this story for EVERY website JD and I make It's a little cringy


Chapter 1: Paradox


Paradox: Doing or saying something that is self-contradictory.

     We all somehow appear in this world. We get bad parents or good parents. Criminals as parents or heroes as parents. It is always different depending on the time. But the worst parent you could get is Harold Chairscosky. His actions have ruined the world. Engulfed into a fire that will never burn out. A war so dangerous that almost seemed unreal. It was called the war to end wars. It started 25 years ago in 3459. It was Harold that caused by something it as simple as a lie.

     Another day in hiding. Hopefully the last. Moira would venture into the sunlight.
     Viridia was awaiting right outside of her shack. “So a pretty nice day today!” exclaimed Viridia, “Right!?”
     “It will be later!” Moira said, “Later indeed.”
     “So what are you doing today?” Viridia shouted. “I’m going to go fishing with my niece.”
     “Are you sure,” Moira said in sarcastic tone. “From what I know I don’t think you’ll get to go fishing.”
     “What do you mean?” Viridia said getting scared. Then Moira took out a knife. She started running toward her. Then she lunged at Viridia’s throat, and hit. Viridia still had a mind. Just barely there. A mind that only knew fear. “Your death is to keep this little operation secret,” Moira whispered into her ear.
​     Then Moira pulled out a small pistol. Already loaded, as if she were preparing for years. Moira put the gun to the temple, the most vulnerable part of the head. She started applying force to the trigger, and then shot her. A gaping hole appeared in Viridia’s head. From that hole an ocean of the Jell-O like liquid poured out of her head. Viridia tried to say something, but then all of a sudden her heart stopped pumping, her lungs stopped breathing, and her brain stopped working.
     Moira knew that that fatal wound would probably gather suspicions from the government. So she ran. She wanted to go kill the “President” to access his time machine to kill her father 10 years before she was born. She, Moira Chairscosky would kill her father to stop the war from ever happening. The president was known to stay in his secret hideout in Algoma just so people won’t find him. Luckily though, Algoma just happened to be where Moira lived. Moira’s shack just happened to be in front of the president’s hideout. (It really wasn't much of a secret.)
     Quickly Moira climbed up the side of the mountain with her pickaxe, where a small hole was peeping out. She used the pickaxe to get in. She hit the stone and dug in, throwing off the rest of the stone down the mountain and onto Viridia’s dead body. Moira finally took one last swing with the pickaxe to make hole large enough to enter.
​     There the president was sitting inside watching reruns. Moira quietly breathed. She walked toward him. Closer and closer. She was finally right behind him. Then suddenly he bursts out laughing from an awful pun from the show, and hit her arm. He looked behind himself, and saw Moira. “Ahhh!” the president screamed, "Who are you? And what are you doing here?!”
     “Shh!” Moira whispered, “It’s OK nothing bad will happen to you.”
     Then she pulled out her pistol, still stained with blood that splattered from Viridia. The president was showing truly genuine expressions of fear. Moira shot the gun. It caused ringing in her ear, but the president wasn’t dead. He still had conciseness in him, while the pain was tremendous, he was still alive.
     Not satisfied, Moira took out her knife and stabbed the president in the solar plexus. That was sure to be the final blow. Trying to take the knife out of him, blood splattered all over her dress.
     Moira slowly walked into the back room of the secret hideout. There in all of its might was a time machine.
     Someone walked into the house. They were regular civilians trying to get help as the government just fell into anarchy. Moira’s doctors have all previously diagnosed her with psychopathy and schizophrenia. Her killing an innocent civilian would be normal, especially going on that killing spree. 
     The woman walked into the back room and saw Moira. Her pretty white dress flailed in the air conditioning. The woman was scared, but why wouldn’t she Moira was already covered in so much blood. “I don’t want to do this,” Moira said calmly. 
     “Who… Who ar-are you?” the lady said. 
     “No one you need to know. Just someone. Just someone who you won’t remember.” Moira said. She beckons the lady to come over toward her. The lady slowly walked toward Moira as she was still scared of what the woman in white would do to her. Finally, the woman stood right in front of Moira. 
     Moira took out the knife but hung it to her side to not scare her. The lady leaned into Moira for a hug and to cry into her arms. Then Moira subtly put the knife behind her and stabbed at the spinal cord. The lady was now paralyzed from the shoulder down. The lady fell to the ground in pain. After that, Moira picks up the speed of the knife and cuts through the lady’s neck. 
     Now that that lady was done with, Moira could go and use the time machine. The time machine was a tiny pod that with energy converter pipes in the front sticking to the fabric ripper that would convert energy so it could rip open a hole in the universe and travel through time. She entered through the doors and turned on the time set lock to choose the time she wanted to go to. 25 years back is where Moira needed to go hopefully a few days before her father said the lie. Then Moira flipped the time switch so she could enter the time stream. “Bobble, bobble, wrrnch, wrrnch,” the machine made some odd noises but nothing out of the ordinary. The machine started dancing and wobbling. 
     It finally entered the stream. 10 years, now 15 years, now 25 years ago. Moira flipped the time enter switch to stop herself at 25 years. The time machine exited out of the stream and was now 2 days before Harold’s lie. 
     Moira stepped out of the machine she was where her shack would have been before she built it. From stories her dad told her, Moira knew that his house would only be a mile away. So, Moira starts walking into Valaqus, the city where her father lived. 
     Once Moira got into town she saw Harold walking by. “Hey there!” Harold exclaimed, “What’s your name?” 
     “Oh, it is Moira” Moira said calmly. 
     “Ahhh that’s a nice name. If I have a daughter, I’ll name her that.” 
     Harold said. Moira ended her talk she went up to her father took her knife out and put into her hands, but still hiding it so Harold wouldn’t notice. She shook hands with him, the knife sinking into his hand.” “Owwwwwwwwww! What the heck is that you little…” Harold shouted. 
      “Nothing. Shhh shhh shhh. It’s okay.” Moira stated still calm. 
     Then Moira pulled a cloth out of her backpack and she dropped a bit of chloroform on it. She put the cloth over Harold’s mouth putting him to sleep. She pulled out her pistol and shot him 3 times in the legs, 5 times in the solar plexus, 1 time in the neck, and 15 times in the temple. Harold was dead and there was blood everywhere. People gathered around and started shouting to get Harold help. Moira started vaporizing with sparkles. More people gathered amazed and startled.
     The war never happened, but Moira never happened either. Then right before Moira zapped out of existence she realizes that she created a paradox. If Moira killed her father and that caused her to have never given birth to, then she wouldn’t be alive to kill him. Would the world be destroyed or would it return to normal? Time may never know. 



Chapter 1: Paradox