The Shuro Chronicles

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a story about a kid named shuro


Chapter 1: The Shuro Chronicles


Shuro, who was an unknowing warlock, was in a very depressing stage of his life. He had
just turned 15 and bandits had murdered his parents. The bandits not only stole his parent’s
lives; they destroyed the entire village. His village wasn’t much, his house was a round mud hut
with a dirt floor and a straw roof. Shuro and his friend Leon were the only survivors, it
happened while they were out riding their horses, when they came back to the village, which
was on fire, were very shocked. There were many screams of pain and agony, but Shuro knew
exactly what to do. Ever since he could speak he was taught that if anything like this happened,
that he was to run straight to the kingdom of Goramack and find the physician.
Shuro finally made it to Goramack after a long and weary journey. Shuro went through a
thick and dark forest where hardly any light could be seen. He saw many animals, from little
tiny rodents to cougars. The forest started to get lighter and he knew he was close. Shuro was
astounded by the massive size of Goramack. The entrance was heavily guarded with well-
trained soldiers that were picked by the prince. The soldiers had a red cape with a gold lion on
the back. The guards asked him who he was, and what his business was in the great kingdom of
Goramack. Shuro said, “I am Shuro Fajita and I have come in search for Bolteraz.”
The guards gave him permission to go through, and guided him to Bolteraz the
physician. They walked at a steady pace through large hallways and magnificent doorways.
There were paintings all across the walls, some paintings of people, landscapes, animals, and
great battles. The one painting that stood out to Shuro was the picture of a great magician
being executed. The sight of the painting made Shuro shutter in disbelief. He thought, “Who
would do such a thing as to execute someone for the fact they have magic?!”
Shuro finally reached Bolteraz’ dwelling. There was a rough, jagged door that you could
tell was very old. Shuro thought he was back in his village. He was walking through magnificent
stone halls, and through doors with gold handles, and he came to a small wooden door that
was that of a villager. After Shuro knocked an old man answered the door, he had a very
surprised look on his face. Shuro introduced himself and before he was done talking Bolteraz
exclaimed, “You’re the son of Matisa, aren’t you!”
“Yes, how did you know?” questioned Shuro. Bolteraz said that he cured her of a deadly
disease when she was young and was the test subject for the cure. Shuro was very surprised,
and wondered why his mother hadn’t told him this.
Shuro and Bolteraz talked all night, and Shuro was now reading in bed. He was reading a
book about a great magician, and read one of the spells out loud. “Shak-o- rama-zoki”,
exclaimed Shuro. Then suddenly, there was a fire that lit the curtain on fire. Luckily, Shuro was
able to put the fire out.
The thought of having magic petrifies Shuro. He’s wondering if the king already had
guards watching him already. He was nervous that he was going to be executed like the man in
the painting. This then made him regret that he is even alive. He now starts to wish that he was

one of the victims in the fire. Shuro then tells the physician, Bolteraz, that he has magic.
Bolteraz is not surprised, because he could sense magic when Shuro came to Goramack.
Bolteraz was a part of the first group to yield magic. His king had known it but Bolteraz swore to
keep it hidden, as if it never existed. Then suddenly a dark cloud shot out screaming souls called
Hargomits. They could kill instantly just from a single touch.
Later comes many unfortunate events happened, starting when Shuro gets attacked by
a Hargomit. The strength of Shuro’s magic was able to repel the Hargomit’s power. Shuro was
only knocked out, but was in a very unstable condition. He was hyperventilating and was
starting to overheat. Bolteraz sent out the princes most trusted knight, Lance Kachigins to take
Shuro to safety. Lance had a vacation house in the forest, he took Shuro and took good care of
him. Shuro awoke while Lance was out getting firewood, and was wondering where he was. He
was walking around, still visioning things that he had dreamed about, hallucinated. Shuro then
tripped on a tree root and fell down a steep hill. He was then knocked unconscious for the 2 nd
time. When Shuro finally woke up he was lost. He was no longer hallucinating, but Leon was out
riding his horse, and he saw Shuro and picked him up. Leon provided Shuro with food and
water, because Goramack was more than a day’s trek.
Shuro and Leon passed through the same forest he went through to get to Goramack.
There still was barely any light. There were still many animals, but Shuro felt as if it were very
different. As they continued along the path to Goramack, they had to stop and let the horse
rest. They stopped at a very beautiful, shallow creek with clean water. The water was very
clear, and it had many small plant organisms underwater. The water glided gracefully against
the sharp and jagged rocks that lay still beneath the water. They rested for about 4 hours, while
switching guard.
While Shuro was napping, he had a dream where he was a great sorcerer, and was
helping many people with many problems, and taking down people who have done evil to the
world. The one thing that stood out to Shuro was the picture of an old man, that was staring
right at him, and he boomed, “Shuro!!! You must listen to me! You must use that magic book of
yours and destroy the Hargomits!”
When Shuro woke up he left with a whole different motive. Shuro was going to go in
there, and beat the living daylights out of those Hargomits. They finally made it back to
Goramack, and Shuro went straight to the secret compartment in his room where he kept a
spell book. He searched and searched through the book for defeating Hargomits, and found
that he had to go up to Mount Morty to destroy the portal that the Hargomits were pouring out
of. They went up to Mount Morty, which was very towering, it seemed as if it were touching
the top of the world. It was a very dark shade of gray, and there were many different types of
goats and sheep climbing it. Shuro was very tired when he got there, but it was even more
overwhelming when he saw the massive size and steepness of the mountain. It took him at
least 5 hours to get up to the top where the portal sat. As the mountain got higher and higher it
got colder and colder. The trees and houses on the ground kept getting smaller and smaller till
he eventually, couldn’t even see the ground.
At the top of Mount Morty, there was a very large hole and the demons were pouring
out of it. Underneath of the portal was a crystal ball that was feeding the portal. The crystal ball
was as black as a shadow. It had little gray clouds flowing around on the inside. All Shuro had to
do was destroy the ball, which was called Maludafé. He walked up to it with a log, and hit it as

hard as he could. Shuro was knocked back by the magical force, which was so strong even
Bolteraz could feel it. Shuro pulled out the magic book, and searched frantically through it to
find the spell that could destroy it. Shuro finally found the spell and screamed,”
QUADERAZOKIMAMATAMA!!” And just like that the ball just simply disappeared. There was a
very white sand lying where the ball used to be. Then suddenly all the Hargomits were sucked
back into the portal and it disappeared.
Just a few moments later, a massive beast magically poofed out of nowhere. It had
glowing red eyes, a very muscular body and fire was all around him. He was holding a black
flame in his hand that was so hot even Shuro could feel it, who had already started back down
the large mountain. He quickly turned around and saw the massive figure, who was more than
10 times the size of Shuro. Shuro knew what this beast was, and he knew exactly how to deal
with him. Shuro used a spell that allowed him to shoot thick beams of water, which was
Garkodaw’s weakness. Garkodaw boomed, “I am Garkodaw, king of the great Spirit Realm. I
have come to destroy you, and make YOU Shuro as my servant!”
Shuro turned and ran into a cave in which Garkodaw couldn’t reach. Shuro looked
through his magic book, and found the spell. He quickly jumped out of the cave, and was shot
by a blast of hot air. It blew him, almost off of the very large mountain. Shuro quickly got up
and screamed, “HARKOMETE-NUFR- -,” Shuro was quickly interrupted by a large fireball flying in
his direction.
Shuro jumped right out of the way and hid back in the cave. He could see Garkodaw but
Garkodaw couldn’t see him. Shuro shouted, “HARKOMETE-NITARI- COMESTAS-MOUS-
Then, Garkodaw shot a blast of extremely hot air while Shuro was putting out the fire.
The air was so hot, the water evaporated almost instantly, and was filling up the cave.
Garkodaw shoved a boulder over the opening of the cave, and trapped Shuro in there with all
the hot air and no light. Shuro used a spell that shot a very potent stream of wind, strong
enough to blow a ship off course. The cave was eventually so full of air, the boulder popped
right out. Garkodaw was sleeping, and wasn’t awoken by the sound of a boulder exploding and
flying through the air. Shuro finally put the fire out, with the same spell, he shot a large amount
of water into Garkodaw’s mouth. Garkodaw instantly disintegrated and was gone forever.
Shuro headed back to Goramack, in triumph over his victory. Shuro found that it was
easier to go down the mountain than it was getting up. The journey the rest of the way back
was much easier due to the amount of pressure on his shoulders. Goramack forever lived in
peace and happiness. Because of Shuro’s actions Goramack became the greatest kingdom in
the history of the world.



Chapter 1: The Shuro Chronicles